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Blessed Is A Fresh New Week

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The start of a new week is here again.

Be blessed and encouraged by a fresh new start.

Do not take the stress of last week into the fresh start of this new week.

May God richly bless you with a sweet harvest of all you have invested in.

Whether that is a big business deal, a hard week of teaching, a hard week of studying, or hours of research for a new venture in life.

God knows what you have been doing and He promises to meet us where our needs and desires meet, so long as they are within His plan for us.

Have a great week!

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Have Hope…

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Today’s Monday Motivation is To Have Hope

Have hope that this will not last forever.

Have hope in today that today will be a good one.

Have hope in the courage to take the next step if it is difficult one to make.

Have hope that God is still walking hand in hand with you.

Have hope God has not abandoned you.

Have hope in Elizabeth Elliot’s encouraging words below,

“Sometimes life is so hard you can only do the next thing. Whatever that is just do the next thing. God will meet you there.”

Elizabeth Elliot

Lastly, have hope that God is protecting you and will be with you every step of the way.

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There Is A Reason For The Season

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Encouragement Today

My friend, Today’s Encouragement will be a simple reminder that no matter what you are going through, whether everything is going well, or whether everything is going badly, there is a reason for all of it.

God reminds us in Ecclesiastes,

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NKJV)

If you are going through a difficult time remember this and be encouraged that with every second and every hour God is growing you and molding you for a better plan and purpose.

He never allows us to go through the muddy waters of life without allowing us to use those difficulties later and somewhere else.

I have experienced some great difficulties in my life and as I was going through them, my greatest consolidation was that there was a purpose for it. Whether the purpose was to help me conquer a trial later or if it was to help encourage someone else, I knew in my heart there was a reason for everything I was going through.

It didn’t come easily though, because there were many days I remember saying, “Lord, this is hard, this is really hard, but if you can use this hardship later to make someone else’s life a bit easier, then I will be okay and I can do this, but only with Your strength.”

I needed to know there was a reason and a purpose for the difficult season in my life and God was always there to reassure me there was.

My friend, if this is you today and you are struggling in a difficult relationship, you are struggling financially, or you are struggling with a sick family member, a close friend or even a spouse. It doesn’t matter if it is all of these or none of these. What matters if you are having a difficult time is to remember these simple, but powerful words;

“There is none like You, Lord.”

Jeremiah 10:7

Stand tall today, hold your head just a little bit higher, and know your God knows you, sees you, and above all else, loves you.

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God Holds The Road Map

Motivation Monday

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Do you ever feel like you are wandering around aimlessly in the forest? No matter what turn you take or what path looks right, the view is still the same. It never changes. It never looks different.

Eventually, you take the time to look around and you conclude you have only been walking around in circles, going nowhere.

Have faith in these words,

“God will meet you where you are, in order to take you where He wants you to go.”

Tony Evans

My friend, today’s words of motivation are to stop walking to be just walking. This is why you are walking in circles.

Instead… stop, look up, and seek God’s direction.

He holds the road map you do not have, in His hands. He knows the direction you are to take to get out of the forest and He knows what forks in the road you are to be taking to live out the plan “He” has for you.

Stop, look up and seek God for your directions today and your journey will begin to look different. Your circles will begin to straighten and you will begin to see the clearing of trees leading you out of the forest.

Enjoy your journey, Friend. Now you have access to the “Man” with the map and you have the assurance the route will be clearly marked out. You will no longer walk aimlessly, but instead you will be walking with purpose.

The purpose is the plan God has for you. Now you can enjoy the journey as well as the view along the way out of the forest.

Trust in His road map and your journey can be done with confidence and surety.

Have A Great Day! 💜

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Slow Down and Enjoy The Holiday Season

Christmas Encouragement 

There is something simplistic about Christmas time if you take the time to enjoy it.

My friend, do not forget to slow down and breathe while enjoying your favorite parts of this season. If that looks like sitting down in front of the Christmas tree with a hot cup of cocoa and Christmas music playing in the background or if it shopping for Christmas presents while taking the time to get a cup of coffee and sitting down in a cafe to enjoy it, the key is to allow yourself to soak up the parts of the holiday season that bring you joy to your life.

Do not get so busy that these simple pleasures in life slip you by.

Merry Christmas!
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Make Today A Good Day

Encouragement Today and Motivation Monday

Today’s motivation was inspired by his simple quote,

Today is a good day to make it a good Monday.” Author Unknown

Do not spend your time consumed by it being a difficult day, that you are not able to see the blessings that may be hidden it,

Your Monday’s are all in how you look at them.

Your challenge today is to make a good one.

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Develop Success From Failures

Encouragement Today & Monday Motivation

Today’s encouragement and motivation is inspired by this quote by Dale Carnegie.

“Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones.” Dale Carnegie

Do not allow the difficulties of you past stop you from changing your present and your future. Your discouragement and your failure can become your strongest asset.

Do not be afraid to use them to their fullest advantage. You earned this right with all you have been through. Do not allow your struggles from the past hold you back from the success of an amazing future.

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You Will Not Sink Today

Encouragement Today and Motivation Monday

You know that feeling when you feel like you are drowning and you are exhausted from treading water and you are ready to give up?


Your life guard is almost within your reach. He is behind you, which is why you can not see Him.

Keep treading water and keep breathing. You will be saved. The sun is shining and you will live to see another day.

You Are Beautiful, You Are Important, You Are Enough!

Do NOT Give Up!

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Value Is Greater Than Success

Encouragement Today

Today’s encouragement and motivation was inspired by this quote,

“Strive to not be a success, but rather be of value.” Albert Einstein

Today’s challenge is to encourage you to think about what is important to you. What do you live for? What makes you truly happy? What do you strive for?

My friend, I am here to share a gentle reminder that it is wonderful to have goals and dreams because they are what keeps you moving forward. I agree they are important, but do not loose focus on where your value truly is.

It is easy to get so focused on ourselves, our dreams, our goals, and our desires, but when we do, we often times forget there are others who love us, look up to us, and need us while we are spending so much time focusing on ourselves. While we spend this time focusing on our successes we often times forget our value to others.

My friend, I am here to remind you when you are gone, people will remember you for the value you were to them, not the successes you earned and worked so hard for.

People will remember you for the time you spent, the kindness and love you shared with them and others. This should be more important to us than our successes in life.

Have a good week!

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Courage Conquers Fear

Today’s Encouragement and Motivation is to have the courage to keep moving forward when the weight of the world seems to be against you.

As I sit here at the garage waiting for my car to be worked on, because I procrastinated as long as I could, I am finding it hard to do it with a cheerful heart. Out of everything I take care of for my home and family, car repairs is my least favorite thing to do. I feel like I am wasting my valuable time which is not plentiful to begin with. I struggle with handling car repairs because it is usually met with unexpected extra things wrong and decisions that need to be made on a moments notice and then I am questioned why I made the decisions I have made. To me this is an incredibly stressful job that I HATE doing.

So as I searched for something to encourage and motivate you as well as myself, I came across a powerful saying by Winston Churchill,

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

When life is wrought with struggles cling to the hope that success is not final. No matter how many things go wrong there is hope for everything to turn itself around eventually. You have to have the courage to keep moving forward.

I created this t-shirt a little while ago to serve as a reminder, “Courage Conquers Fear”. God did not create in us to have a heart of fear for the foreseen or unforeseen events in life. He created in us to have a heart that is calm and of peace.

” Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13 NIV

My friend, as you begin your week, try to remain faithful, strong, and courageous knowing everything you are going through or that which lies ahead of you, God will give you the strength to conquer it all.

Stand tall with your head held high and have the courage to keep moving forward no matter how rocky your journey may be.

Have a great week!