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Enjoying The Stillness

Moment of Inspiration

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement

Did you wake up to the sounds of the birds singing this morning?

How many times in the busyness of your mornings do you wake up in a state of panic?

  • A panic of being late.
  • A panic of being frazzled.
  • A panic of anxiety and stress.
  • A panic of a meeting.
  • A panic of meeting a deadline.
  • A panic of what bothers you the most.

Now life has slowed down, stop and take the time to enjoy the peacefulness of the stillness.

I challenge you stop to this morning to take in the sounds of the quietness and the enjoy the beauty of the birds singing.

If you do and you found a peace in the quite, feel free to leave a comment below and share your experience.

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The Beauty of One Piece of Pine Straw

Encouragement Today

img_8707Today’s inspiration came as a result of doing yard work. As I was raking up my pine straw to place it in my flower beds, God revealed to me how we, His people, are similar to that of the pine straw.

img_8701-3When you see only one piece, you think, how can that one piece of pine straw make a difference in a flower garden? One piece by itself can not, but when you rake it up into a pile then it becomes abundant and that abundance of pine straw is enough to make a difference.

We are a lot like this as humans. Many times as individuals we struggle to find our worth or importance to our family and to others. Many of us fail to see how we, as only one person can really make a difference, but we can.

God made each of us uniquely important. He made us for a reason and a purpose. Many of us are fortunate to see this purpose while others struggle to see it, but just because you may be struggling to see your purpose does not mean there isn’t one. God did not make a mistake, His plan is just as He intended whether we see it or we do not.

Many of us impact others through our jobs, through our ministries, through our schools, and throughout our everyday life. This is where we as a larger group we make a difference.

For those who do not have this as a purpose, you need to see that your life as an individual is equally important. Your life is intertwined in so many people’s lives that if something happened to you tomorrow, there would be people who would miss you and grieve for you. There would be a void in their hearts that would be hard to fill, whether you believe this or not.

img_8706This is why the analogy of the pine straw was important to me today. If it was not for the one strand that when put together with many others was not important then there would never be enough to use in a flower bed.

Each strand by itself may be seen as a nuisance, but is it really? I would venture to say no, because each piece I raked up today, no matter how messy it looked initially, made my flower bed look pretty and well maintained again.

Our lives are the same. If we just looked at the worth of our life as strictly a lonely individual, we are less likely to see our worth, but when we are pulled together as God intended for us to be, then we will be more likely to see our beauty for it’s intended purpose.

My friend, today I am here to inspire you to never give up. No matter how hard life may be, how difficult your circumstances may seem, how lonely you may feel, you are important. God has a special purpose for you and your circumstances.

It may not be visible at this moment in time, but if you just hang tight, keep taking one step forward at a time, God will reveal to you His plan and His purpose.

Then when He does, you will begin to see how beautiful your life is to others around you. God created you to be beautiful and in time you will begin to see that beauty.

Do not give up, do not lose hope. Your plan and purpose when revealed will be a beautiful as the one stand of pine straw is in my flower beds.
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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Encouragement Today

1BE148ED-63F0-4E8D-A3D5-65C7DFE31E8CChange produces beauty, but often times we forget it can be a painful process while it is occurring.

My friend, a simple reminder, are you tired of living a life which is painful, hurtful, boring, or lacking in direction, take the steps to make the changes that will make you happy again. 

No matter how difficult these changes are, be sure to open your eyes and have a vision to see the beauty that will occur in the end.

Remember this simple quote,

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” Unknown Author 

Life is short Sweet Friend, live it in such a way that will give you happiness.

You deserve it. You are… enough! 
Encouragement Today, Journey

Feeling Your Beauty

Encouragement Today


Today is a reminder that you are beautiful!

Remember, your beauty shines from the inside.

Let your heart guide your words and your actions for they are what people will see.

Today’s challenge is to think about how your actions can affect someone today and how they can then see and feel  your beauty shine through.

Lastly, remember….

you are… Enough! 

you are… Beautiful! 



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Life Sees The Beauty Through The Heart

Christmas Encouragement

December 21, 2017

08BDB5FB-5233-48A8-92A0-75E0F73B9038Are you having a tough start to your day?

Are you waking up to the anxiety of a never-ending to do list?

Are you feeling anxious as you look at the calendar and know the clock is quickly ticking away at getting everything finished in time for Christmas?

As for me, I started mine out a bit rough. My body woke up to an early alarm to give my Kiddo her pain medicine,  but as for my brain, stayed in bed.

As I went about the house trying to get my day started, I kept forgetting what I was doing.

While in that mindset, I went to the living room, for who knows what reason, to find this sweet little boy sitting here perfectly poised as a Christmas present under the tree.

I couldn’t resist getting this picture and as I posted it to Instagram God gave me these encouraging words which I want to share with you as well.

God allows us to see the beauty amongst our mess when we take the time to open our hearts to see it. 

My Friend, your life might be a little bit chaotic at the moment, but as the days wind down and Christmas Day approaches, don’t forget to take the time to look at those around you and see the beauty in the moments you could have missed had you forgotten to look at the beauty of life through your heart. 

Another day down, another day closer to the Merriest Day of all, Christmas 🎄.

Don’t forget to look for something beautiful today and make it a memory that will spread joy to your heart.

Merry Christmas!