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Honoring and Remembering Our Heros’s

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Remembering Memorial Day 2020

I am remembering and honoring my dad and his memory this Memorial Day weekend.

My dad passed away February 13, 2008 due to the injuries he sustained during the Vietnam War.

He selflessly joined the United States Marines to serve his Country and sustained life altering injuries that not only took years to partially recover from, but ultimately took his life from.

Credit: Home. Life. Encouragement 
“Honoring my Dad’s Sacrifice”

My dad was a “True Hero” who was brave, courageous, gentle, strong, loving, caring, and humble. He gave so much to many, to include his Country.

I am so blessed to call him my dad, while others called him husband, friend, and comrade.

He never met a stranger and his Service to our Country was what God used to make those around him respect him and honor him.

This Memorial Day, I proudly call him to everyone’s attention. He is one of many who we need to remember and honored this weekend.

There are so many Hero’s who paid the ultimate sacrifice and we need to, as a thankful Nation, remember and honor each and everyone of them.

We need to let their families and friends know that “We Will Never Forget”.

Let’s start a list to Honor and Remember them this Memorial Day Weekend. Do you know someone who paid the ultimate sacrifice? Leave their name and picture below so we can celebrate, honor, and respect them as well.

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Remembering Our Fallen

Arlington Cemetary at Christmas

Christmas Encouragement

December 16, 2017

With all the joy and cheer around this time of the year, we often forget about those whose pain never goes away.

These are the people who have experienced the loss of a loved one. No matter how much they want to move on, their heart always aches for the person whom they have loved and lost.

I have chosen to honor a special group of people today, this being our Military Hero’s who have sacrificed their own lives defending our Nation. 

Today a group of volunteers are gathering to place a Christmas wreath on each Service Members grave as a symbol of respect and remembrance during this Christmas Holiday Season.

This is a beautiful token of Christmas spirit. One which we could all learn from. If you are able to Volunteer with such an activity, consider doing so. I believe in my heart it will forever touch your heart.


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The Power of Persistence

Mission Accomplished

I have spent the past 3 days looking for my Soldier Christmas Tree decorations and have struggled to find them. I spent half of the afternoon decorating my house yesterday because as I searched Christmas decoration boxes I said, “Well, I can put that up since I have it out.”

This morning I was determined my quest was not complete until I went into the attic again and searched yet but another box.

B1466C8F-3E9D-469B-A9DF-9738F28A6635This was when I hit the jack pot. I FOUND THEM!!!!!!!! I squealed with excitement, as you can tell.

Now what you don’t know is why was this so important to me.

Every year since our deployment of 2009/2010 we have put up a Christmas tree in our dinning room as a symbol of Remembering all our Service Members near and a far who are not able to be home with their families for the holiday season.

That year held an extra special meaning to my daughter and I because that year was the fourth holiday season my husband was going to be missing from our family. There was an empty chair at the head of the table again. So together we decided to put our tree up a day early as a symbol in our dinning room to remember all our deployed Soldiers from our Unit.

D5FB4033-986C-40BA-A3C3-461ACB84F031With every tradition, it starts somewhere and this was where this one began for us. That year was an exceptionally difficult year, but by doing this it took on a new meaning and provided comfort to us. Now every time we look at this tree all decorated in “brown” we remember everyone who is not home for the holidays.

Now Thanksgiving can truly begin today because our Soldier Christmas Tree is officially up in it’s place of Honor and is now fully decorated in it’s traditional brown.

Thinking of and being thankful for all our Service Members near and far, present and past, who have chosen to go beyond the call of duty to protect our Nation to keep us safe. You are never forgotten and richly thanked and appreciated.