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Your Strength Overcomes Fatigue

Journaling Journey

Today is coming to an end and I am thankful because it has been a long day thanks to a medicine I am taking for a tooth extraction I had last week.

As much as I would have liked to have taken a much needed nap, I fought through the need and took my Kiddo to work (because she was struggling with a migraine which she had from last night). After I took her to work I pushed through the extreme fatigue and mowed my lawn because it was looking pretty shabby.

Once I finished mowing I cleaned up the back yard from my doggy’s mess, then I cut and sanded a board that will become a Special Olympics Medal Sign for my niece.

After having struggled to get my day started, I am thankful I can sit back now and say I accomplished something with my day.

I am writing about this because one of my personal battles today was finding the strength to push through my exhaustion despite my need for sleep.

I did not give in to sleeping because my daughter was struggling herself with a left over migraine from last night and she herself wanted to lay down.

I knew there was no way I was going to give in to my fatigue when my daughter could not give in to hers.

This is the day and life of living with a family member who struggles with Chronic Illnesses.

My life is not all mine, but why would I expect it to be when I am a wife and mom.

I just struggle to push through doing things I don’t always want to do, but do we not all do this?

Leave a comment below to share what you did today that took the courage and strength you did not know you had to do.

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Two For One

Life Hack 101

Making More Than One Lunch A Day

img_8594I had a revelation the other day. I have never seen this before but, I found it to be a lifesaver idea, one I wish I had thought of years ago.

I get up early and make my husband’s lunch every day. While, for the most part, I do not mind, there are, however, some mornings I just can not get woke up enough to want to do it.

The other day when I was really tired, I had this wonderful idea to not only make his lunch for that morning but I made one for the next day as well. This enabled me to have the next morning off. This is a huge score for me.

This will work well for the parents who make their kid’s school lunches every day. If you do not like doing this chore every morning, consider trying this method and see if it works well for you too.

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Grab and Go Healthy Snacking

Life Hack 101

Kiddo’s Healthy Steroid Kit

4EF1DC51-C01C-4BB1-A4D9-50D0593A5115Today’s Life Hack is what I am calling Kiddo’s Steroid Survival Kit.

I am not sure why I have not thought about doing this before, but I am glad I thought of it for this time.

For my healthy eaters, this is a great hack for you as well.

After purchasing your fruits and vegetables, before they go into the refrigerator wash them. Then after they are cleaned and prepared grab your snack bags or your mini snack storage containers and start separating the food into snack size portions.

I did this because my Kiddo has a tough time with her appetite while she is on steroids. By doing this, if she is hungry she can easily grab an already prepared  snack size portion of something healthy to eat. If we are leaving the house, she can grab a bag or two for while she is out because hunger is a migraine trigger for her.

I prepared for several days which is why it looks like she has so much stuff. I know her and I know her meals are usually dicey, but this will enable her to graze more often than just eating three meals a day. This will give her a healthy option to graze on all day.

What I included in my Survival Kit was…

  • cucumbers
  • grapes
  • celery
  • cheese sticks
  • bananas
  • healthy homemade banana muffins (I made the other day)
  • protein bars
  • trail mix (she needs a little crunchy somewhere)

You can choose anything you wish. I chose these because I know my daughter will eat these.

I hope this hack helps you as well. I am posting it because I had never seen a solution to handle steroids and the effects they can have on an appetite.

I knew when I came home from the store with her food, unless I made these easily available the likelihood of her grabbing and running was not going to happen. So preparations began and I am so thankful God gave me the wisdom to do this.

Now I am sharing it with you in case you have never thought of it either.

Happy Hack Wednesday!


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Preparing Meals In Advance

Life Hack 101


My friend, are you tired of having to prepare meals every day and struggle like myself in deciding what will be for supper?

Try this handy life hack, prepare a weeks worth of meals all at one time. As you are making one meal consider preparing several others at the same time.

I did this on Sunday and I am so thankful I did. It took me two hours which in the spectrum of the time saved this week was well worth the effort.

Several of the meals I prepared in advance are included below…

  • meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, and frozen peas and carrots
  • saute’ed mushrooms, onions, and cooked chicken chunks served over a bed of riced cauliflower and salute’ed asparagus
  • baked chicken, mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, Brussel sprouts
  • chicken tostados
  • beef and cheese nachos
  • homemade pizza

I precooked all the meats and separated into meal portions.

I peeled and diced potatoes and placed in plastic bags according to their portion size. I put a small amount of water in the bags and then froze them. This keeps the potatoes from browning while waiting for their meal to be cooked.

I used my food processor to cut a head of cauliflower into riced pieces. After I cut the cauliflower into rice form, I placed in a bag and put in the freezer to keep it from turning mushy while I wait for its meal day.

I made my homemade pizza dough ahead of time as well. I placed in an oiled plastic bag and refrigerated until I am ready for its meal.

As for my vegetables, half of them are already frozen while some are fresh with no preparation work required.

My friends, this has been such a helpful way to save time in daily meal planning.

I will be posting the recipes to these meals as I have time to write them up.

Here are a few pictures meals I prepared over the weekend.

Beef and Cheese Nachos
Mushrooms Onions and Chicken
Riced Cauliflower
Peeled and Cubed Potatoes


Homemade Pizza Dough
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Keeping Life Real

Random Thoughts

F04AB03F-96C5-4A55-BE2B-753AEED579D7As I am getting ready to start my day, I am feeling extremely thankful it is Friday.

It has been a long two weeks of doctor appointments. We had three last week. We had three this week and we have three next week. Next week will be a little bit different than these past two because all three appointments will be in one day. Now that will be loads of fun, but at the end of day, they will be all done and it will take only one day and not what feels like all week.

As Kiddo and I were talking yesterday, we were talking about how tired we were. She battles so much in her life and gets tired so easily, but tries to live a “normal” life as best as she can.

It broke my heart as we sat at one of her appointments yesterday and she took a picture of her feet to post on Instagram about waiting on an appointment that she knows is going to make her physically sick by the end of the day. This poor kid’s body has waged war on itself.

As a mom, I just sit back helplessly watching all of this happen with no “real” answers. The only thing the doctors do is treat her for what is wrong, but they can not answer the “why” this is wrong. They treat her reactively, but I am thinking, is there a way after two and a half years, that they can change her treatment plan to treat her proactively now?

She has some appointments coming up and I am compiling my thoughts to see if we can get somewhere with this new method so Kiddo can get her life together and move forward. She needs to start taking college classes so her adult life can be productive and successful while she continues to battle this insanity.

If you feel compelled to send God some prayers for wisdom and direction about these appointments coming up in the next two weeks, I would be so appreciative. 

This morning I felt the need to clear my mind and I decided to release them here so I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing today is free of doctors.

I pride myself by not hiding behind the walls of deception, which is so easy to do when you write in an open forum. It is my desire to write openly with the hopes of helping others through our difficulties.

It is my prayer if you are going through a difficult time that today that you will feel you are not alone. It is my desire you find the time in your day to breathe in and exhale while feeling a sense of strength and peace take over your mind and body. 

Hugs to those of you who are struggling with circumstances that have you weighed down.

Remember the most important key to survival and this is that God is walking with you and has not left you or forsaken you. You are not alone. 

Lastly, remember… “You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A.A. Milne

Disclaimer… please excuse any random and choppiness to what I wrote today. I was just trying to clear my head so I can have a productive day.

TGIF! Enjoy your Friday! 

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Chocolate Covered Pretzels

25 Day Christmas Countdown

Day 18

B4A45084-77CC-4F4E-8E81-B742E626B316Here is a super easy but yummy idea to make for a platter or give away desserts.

Chocolate Covered pretzels


1 bag do any shaped pretzels

Dark Chocolate Bark

White Chocolate Bark


Melt your dark chocolate, melt half of the white chocolate in a microwave oven, then mix together. Be sure to melt it  on low for 30 second intervals. Be careful as to not burn the chocolate.

Dip your pretzels into the chocolate and harden on a cooling rack.

This recipe is another great blend of salty and sweet.


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Organizing The Christmas Chaos

Break Out Your Planner

2F7B4E67-750A-462F-8BBB-8D99A3B9524BDecember has arrived and the days are quickly counting down to Christmas Day.


How do we manage the busyness of our already fast paced lives, but still add the extra burdens of shopping, Christmas school programs, work place parties, church pageants, Christmas recitals, and baking?


The best advice I can share today is to use your planner and prepare a week to week and even day to day schedule. 

This is a great weekend to do this. It is still early enough to pull all your planning together using your time wisely. Every week is valuable to getting everything done with minimal stress. Be sure all your life activities are already on the calendar so you don’t overbook a day or night.

Talk to your spouse and sit down together to plan what you do together. Be sure this all goes to the calendar so you don’t have to remember all of this. If you shop together, plan this as a date and write it on the calendar. Then be sure when you go out that you take a few minutes out of that shopping trip to go out for coffee and re-evaluate your outing to determine if you need more time to finish. Have your planner with you and be sure before you go home you are on the same sheet of music.


Aside from your planner have a notebook available where you keep all your notes together. In this notebook write down each person’s name you need to shop for. Beside each person try to think about what their likes and interests are. Write down at least 3-5 of them beside each name. This will enable you to better plan for the best gift for this person.

Remember, have a budget preset and stay in the boundaries of this budget. It is okay if a person only gets one gift if it means staying within your budget. Make this gift meaningful and from the heart. Be sure it is something they like and not something you like. Not everyone’s interests are the same. Use your money wisely because there is nothing worse then giving a gift You know they won’t like.

In this same notebook have a section where you prepare a list of  the goodies you like to bake or cook, especially  if you give them away to family, coworkers, and the community. As you prepare your list of treats and such, pull your recipes together so you can create a shopping list based on what you need to buy. This will help to prevent you from buying what you don’t need. This will help to keep you on budget.


Speaking of budgets, this needs to be planned out thoroughly. Include any decorations and trees that need to be purchased as well as a gift budget and your food whether it be for baking or your meal. Don’t forget to add any needed babysitter expenses as well.

If you are traveling, figure into this expense your gas, lodging, and any maintenance that may need to be done before your trip, ie… tires, oil changes, windshield wipers, etc.

If you take all of this planning into consideration beginning now, you will be sure to cut down on the mental exhaustion of mental check lists and forgotten costs and figures. It will all be in your notebook that will go with you throughout the holiday season. This way if you happen to see something on your list and it is on sale or limited in quantities you can get it and remove from your list.

The key to all of this and the ability to keep your sanity through this busy season is organization. The more organized you are the less stress you will experience. In turn the less stress you experience you will be able to enjoy the season and it’s many blessings. The blessings of the lights, the music, the decorations and the festivities.

Invest in your planning now. It will all pay off later when you are able to cherish the joy of this Christmas season.

Organize Plan and Prepare! 

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Life Hack 101

Cleaning Up After Cooking and Baking

How To Survive The Piles of Dirty Dishes During This Busy Season

DB5A7664-3A91-4C59-A45B-E2EB8A65BD1CAre you like me sharing the fact we hate washing tons of dishes after cooking and baking?

I learned a long time ago to multi-task this horrible chore. While my food is cooking or baking I wash up the load of dishes that I dirtied while making what is cooking now.

It is a huge time saver because you should stay in or around the kitchen to be sure your food isn’t burning.

By doing this you not only free yourself up some time physically, but it will help to free your mind of time as well. By doing this you will have more time to do an activity, run errands or go shopping, or  it will free you up the time to just sit back and put your feet up allowing time for some much needed relaxation.

This seems like a simple hack, but some of my greatest ideas in life have come from people sharing their thoughts while others like me say, “ Why didn’t I think of that.”

Happy Cleaning Up!