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There Is A Reason For The Season

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Encouragement Today

My friend, Today’s Encouragement will be a simple reminder that no matter what you are going through, whether everything is going well, or whether everything is going badly, there is a reason for all of it.

God reminds us in Ecclesiastes,

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NKJV)

If you are going through a difficult time remember this and be encouraged that with every second and every hour God is growing you and molding you for a better plan and purpose.

He never allows us to go through the muddy waters of life without allowing us to use those difficulties later and somewhere else.

I have experienced some great difficulties in my life and as I was going through them, my greatest consolidation was that there was a purpose for it. Whether the purpose was to help me conquer a trial later or if it was to help encourage someone else, I knew in my heart there was a reason for everything I was going through.

It didn’t come easily though, because there were many days I remember saying, “Lord, this is hard, this is really hard, but if you can use this hardship later to make someone else’s life a bit easier, then I will be okay and I can do this, but only with Your strength.”

I needed to know there was a reason and a purpose for the difficult season in my life and God was always there to reassure me there was.

My friend, if this is you today and you are struggling in a difficult relationship, you are struggling financially, or you are struggling with a sick family member, a close friend or even a spouse. It doesn’t matter if it is all of these or none of these. What matters if you are having a difficult time is to remember these simple, but powerful words;

“There is none like You, Lord.”

Jeremiah 10:7

Stand tall today, hold your head just a little bit higher, and know your God knows you, sees you, and above all else, loves you.

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God Will Light Your Way

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My Friend,

Are you struggling with a difficult situation and you just feel beat down and alone?

Do you feel like no matter where you look, you only see the darkness of your circumstance?

Well, I have an encouraging reminder to share with you today.

You are not! You are not alone, no matter how lonely you may feel and you are not surrounded by the darkness that has you consumed.

God is here to remind you, today that, “His Word is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.” Ps 119:105

Be encouraged knowing God is with you, every second, every minute, and every hour. He is with you and will provide the light you need to see through the darkest of times.

Lean on Him and you will not feel alone. Lean on Him and you will no longer be consumed by your circumstances. He loves you and He is holding you up today.

Be Encouraged Today, You are not alone.

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Our Broken Spirits Are Healed

Today’s reminder is a simple one!

Are you feeling alone? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.” Psalms‬ ‭34:18‬ ‭ESV‬‬

This reminder is to encourage you to know, despite how you may feel, God is with you. He is saving you from all you are feeling.

Turn your eyes towards Him and allow Him to heal your heart.

Lastly, no matter how you may be feeling, you are never alone!

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The Difficulty of Random Thoughts

img_9150-2This month has been a very busy one because we have been trying to get our home business off the ground and it has been a lot of work. I am hoping to cross the tide between what needs to be done, what has to be done, and what comes next.

We have thankfully got to a point where Kiddo is down to only one or two doctor appointments a week instead of three to five. This is a huge blessing and one I am thankful to have at this moment.

We have managed to get Kiddo enrolled into college full time to include an approval for financial aid via a Pell Grant and I am beyond excited for this.

However, this week has been an emotionally challenging one. I found myself trying to process the unexpected loss of a friend who was an encourager to me. She would post encouraging and thought-provoking quotes and images that would encourage people like me when we would need it the most. Unfortunately, last Sunday night her darkness and depression won a battle and she took her own life.

This has left me totally questioning the fragility of life. It has left me facing many of my own personal questions like how to battle my own darkness of stress, constant busyness, discouragement, frustration, and depression.

I have been pondering how to write about this as I try to process all the confusion and rawness of this delicate subject. Yesterday, her family with their friends and community celebrated her life in such a beautiful manner.

It is my prayer through her death that her ability to help and encourage others will continue. It is my prayer as a result, we can shed some light on the ugly monster called suicide.

I am not trying to be full of doom and gloom, but I have been lost in not writing this past month. Writing helps me to process mentally and emotionally, so as I continue to process what has happened this week, I will be writing more about this difficult subject.

It is my prayerful desire God will allow this devastating loss of my sweet friend to shed some light on this ugly topic and if her life and death would save even just one person, then her precious memory can be blessed as well.

Experiencing a heavy loss and sadness can produce positive results if in the right timing and in the right place. It is my desire as I write in the days ahead and you are struggling in this same area, reach out for help. Talk to someone. Do not let your darkness consume you to the point of taking your own life.

If you need help and you have no one to talk to, call the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255. If you live Internationally click on the World National Suicide Hotline to find your country and call them for help.

Do NOT allow your darkness to take your life away.

Your life matters. You matter!!! Many people love you, more than you will ever know!! Live for yourself, live for them.
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Be Someone’s Ray of Light

This picture reminds me to seize the day and be someone’s sunshine on a cloudy day.

This week has been wrought with a lot of questions and the pondering of the meaning of life.

Now that the week has come to a close, I am reminded that our lives are inner-twined into so many peoples lives, whether we know it or we do not.

Reach out to those around you, friend or stranger, and be a “light” to their lives. You may never know the impact you have on others, but they will.

I know someone who did this for me and I will be forever thankful to her for it 💜. The brightest of days and the darkest of days, she will forever remain in my heart.

Her words, her smile, her genuine love for others has left a lasting impact on me and I am beyond thankful for this. 💜

I am richly blessed by the people God placed in my life. There is a “special place” for each and every one of you, but to one “special” lady, you touched my heart the day we became friends.

The encouragement you gave will always be cherished, more than you will ever know. You are loved by many and are beautifully etched in our lives forever.

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Seeing Beauty Thru The Tears

Encouragement Today

design-191Are you struggling tonight or today? My friend, I am here to remind you your pain is real.

Are you feeling the pain of an illness that has you worn down and exhausted? Are you struggling with the darkness of depression or PTSD? Do you have tears running down your face, but no one sees them?

Are you grieving the loss of a parent, spouse, child, sibling, or close friend? Do you feel the pain so intensely that you can not fathom what life will look like without them?

Are you the caretaker of a loved one battling the ugly disease of cancer? Do you hold their hand and stroke their forehead to comfort them while you choke back the tears in order for them to see you are strong?

Please know despite the darkness which is all around you that there are brighter days ahead. It is hard to see right now but know during this time of your deepest sorrow that it will become a source of your greatest strength.

Take the time to think about this analogy. When a thunderstorm comes rolling in, does it not darken the sky and override the beauty the sun provided? Think about your life as a thunderstorm. You did have the joy of the sunny days, but the storm clouds rolled in hiding those experiences from you.

The wind begins to blow and the rain begins to fall. As the thunder gets closer and stronger, does it not begin to feel fierce? Well, this is where you may be right now. You are in the thunder part of the storm. The thunder is clapping, the wind is blowing harder, and the rain is pouring. You are in the darkness of the storm with the tears streaming down your face, but hold tight, my friend.

Just as every thunderstorm passes, so will your trials and struggles. Be sure to look back and watch for the brilliant rainbow that often appears after a bad or severe storm. As you dry your tears, ask God to show you the beauty of the storm you just went through.

How many times have you noticed, as you look around after a storm, everything has a brilliant shade of green to it. The leaves on the trees, the grass on the ground, the flowers in the gardens take on a sharpness to their colors. Despite the storm, the wind and the rain, the lightning recharged the ground and providing an electrical charge to our nature all around. Only could God take something as dangerous as lightning to make His creation beautiful.

Just as God does this with our environment, He does the same with our lives. Consider your trial and hardship right now as the lightning of your storm. It does not last forever. It will pass no matter how severe it was and the same will happen here. Take the time to see the brilliance of the trees, the grass, and the flowers. Ask God to reveal what you are to learn from all you are going through while you ask Him to show you His rainbow of grace, so you can move past this trying time.

Keep your chin up no matter how hard or dark this time is for you. I am here to remind you that no matter how difficult this time is, there will be brighter days ahead. Just as the storm truly passes, so will yours.

You are stronger than you think, My Friend. You will get through this time of darkness!
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The Struggles of Important Days

Encouragement Today

silhouette of man standing near body of water
Photo by Andrii Nikolaienko on Pexels.com

As I scrolled through my Facebook and Instagram accounts first thing this morning and saw all the sweet Father’s Day messages and memories.

However, God placed it on my heart to write to those people who may not have those memories or that sweet and magical relationship with their father.

Unfortunately, there are many dads who fall short in being that parent God designed them to be. As a result, the pain of today can run deep instead of being a day of sweet memories and time spent with your dad. 

I am truly sorry as you struggle to get through today when the media has bombarded us with what society has set for a standard of what the “perfect” dad is like and who he is supposed to be.

If you are struggling with terrible memories that haunt you instead of memories that bless or inspire you, my encouragement for you is to be strong my Friend, knowing today will not last forever.

Take the day, instead of sitting in the hardship and go out to make sweet memories with your kids (if you are a dad). If you are not a dad, look in your heart and see if there are people in your life who did take you under their wing and guided you and loved you when they did not have to. Consider calling them or visit them and express your appreciation for the love they shared with you and how much it meant or means to you.

Unfortunately, there are still those people who will find even the latter of these difficult because parental figures just let you down at every turn. Today, I encourage you to just get out of the house and go do something you enjoy. Go out for a long run or go to the beach. Are you a hiker? Then hit the trails. It does not matter what your favorite thing is so long as you get out of the house and use your favorite activity as a distraction to get through the day.

My friend, I know personally how hard days like today can be and how lonely you may feel. Please know that you are not alone. There are many people who know your hidden pain. They may not talk about it openly, but they know how ugly and real the pain is.

It is my prayer that you do not get lost or stuck in this pain and that you can stand up tall and strong and fight back against the hurt and even the tears rising above all the wrongdoings of your memories.

To those of you who are struggling today, know that you are not forgotten. There will be a special prayer in my heart for those of you who may need them to get through today.

Stand tall and strong, you have the strength to get through this difficult day!

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One Step At A Time and Breathe

Encouragement Today


DesignToday’s encouragement is for the person who seems so overwhelmed by life and you just want to collapse into a puddle of mush.

My prayer is that you will feel the hand of God cover you with a sense of peace which you can not begin to explain.

This is for the person today who…

  • is hiding your tears behind the disguise of a fake smile… breathe.
  • is a caregiver to a family member whose exhaustion is beyond understanding… breathe.
  • is a young mom to children and you are weary all the way down to your bones… breathe.
  • is a young mom to a child with medical issues and you are frazzled trying to research the latest and greatest information about your child’s medical difficulties… breathe.
  • is a wife or a husband to a spouse who has medical issues and you are just exhausted in trying to help them through their time of medical need… breathe.
  • is a widow or widower who is overwhelmed by the simple day-to-day tasks which you find you have no idea how to do… breathe.
  • is a single parent who just feels like giving up because you can not do it all. You can not be both parents and you are overwhelmed by the simple and difficult tasks of being a single parent… breathe.
  • is a person who is trying to find the time to maintain running your own home, but you are torn in trying to help your aging parents as well… breathe.
  • is that person who is trying to maintain your home both inside and outside and there just is not enough time in the day to do it all… breathe.
  • is the person who is on your hands and knees changing diapers, scrubbing floors, weeding flower beds and the tears of being overwhelmed are just running down your face… breathe.

Life is hard and I do not know anyone who is not struggling with the challenges of life while trying to keeping up with everything, but I am here to remind you that you are doing an amazing job. Do not beat yourself up by what you are not able to get done or finish. Find a place of self-satisfaction knowing you did the best job you know how to do because I know you did! Hold your head up high and you are doing an amazing job! 

My friend, my encouragement to you today is to remember you are not alone. Your God is with you. He is…

  • your source of strength
  • your comforter
  • your peacemaker
  • your source of wisdom and guidance.  
  • your cheerleader

He sees your tears, He knows your pain, He sees your heart. Be honest with Him. Pour your heart out and allow yourself to release your penned up emotions so you can feel the peace that passes all understanding which only God can provide for you.

Lastly, today I want you to tackle the day or finish your day knowing you only have to put one foot in front of the other. What gets done, gets done. You can not do any more than you know you can do. Breathe my friend, breathe. You can do any and all things through your God who will strengthen you. 

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God Gives Strength In Your Darkest Hour

Encouragement Today

3F5B3251-6B4F-41F5-8643-3BD4192CEFFFAs I am writing this post I am completely leaning on God for the words I need to reach those who are hurting and are in pain.

I have learned of several people who are struggling with the loss of a loved one in just one week and it breaks my heart to know how many more people have lost someone dear to them in the past couple of weeks.

My friend, it is my prayer you will find comfort in this bible verse God has given to me to share with you.

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.””
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:4‬ ‭NKJV‬

I know your pain is tough right now, but I know there is one who knows how to heal it.

My friend, God knows your pain and He knows how much your heart is aching. He sees your tears and hears your cries. He is there to comfort your need and will give you the strength you need to get through this difficult time.

Cling to the love He has for you. Lean on Him during this time of deep grief and pain.

“He gives power to the weak, And to those who have no might He increases strength.”              ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭40:29‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Grieve, My Friend. It is best to feel those emotions then it is to hide behind them. If you feel like crying, do so.  If you feel like sharing your memories, share away. Everyone has a different coping mechanism to deal with this strong emotion. Allow yourself the time to process all that is going on and to heal over time.

Hang tight and remember no matter how tough this time is for you, God will give you the strength you need when you need it, He loves you and is standing beside you, holding you up. 

My hugs and prayers are going out to each and everyone of you who are in pain.

If you need a listening ear, I am here. Leave a comment in the comment blank below.

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Free Yourself From The Mask of Lies

My Heartfelt Thank You!

To my faithful followers and readers this week, thank you for accommodating me as I had to process the loss of my little guy.

03F8333A-7804-49B5-870B-86C425ADBEEFI am trying to clear my head and get back into the “game” of life. I will try to change my focus back over to things that impact the lives of others. It is my desire to continue to touch others by my words and my actions.

I know you all do not know who I am or what I am about, but I have to confess, what you saw this week was a new and changing me. Had I lost my little guy back in December you wouldn’t have even known he existed. I would not have written about him. You would definitely not have seen the pain of the experience. I would have hidden behind a fake smile and a fake, “I am okay.”

I was raised believing you do not show others your real emotions if they are packed with hurt and pain. You keep those emotions hidden in your heart. Now as I am on this journey of change, I can see first hand how this is wrong and damaging.

I know this week has been an extremely difficult one. It has been wrought with pain and tears, worry, concern and everything I would have hid behind just a month ago.  So in turn with the attempt to hide behind a lie, I would have used the mask of anger as my crutch to deal with the pain.

My friends, I don’t know about you, but I am personally tired of hiding behind this  mask of anger. It was so freeing to experience my real emotions, no matter how difficult they were, as I processed the loss of my little guy. It was refreshing to share that grief and pain then it would have been to hide from it.

Thank you for accommodating me as I used my blog to experience this change in my life. I will eventually be able to look back at the progress I have made as I continue to trek forward in my journey of change.

Now as the days continue to pass and my brain becomes more clearer, I will be able to write more thought provoking posts, but right at this moment, as I allow my heart to replace the pain with memories I have to catch up as well on some sleep. This will also enable me to clear my mind.

What you all do not know is that for the past three months my little guy was seriously struggling with his health issues. He was no longer able to sleep through the night. He would wake me up several times which prevented me from getting quality sleep. I mostly only napped at night instead of sleeping, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I have a clear conscience knowing I did everything I could to keep him as happy and comfortable as I could. Although now I have to learn how to sleep again, since that went on for so long.

It is nice to know when I go to bed, that unless I need to get up for some reason, that I will be able to stay in bed all night. I figure by the end of the week, I will begin to see my new life without sleep interruptions and with great sadness. It will all be replaced by valuable sleep and precious memories.

It is my prayer for those of you who have learned to hide behind the same mask of emotional lies that you are able to find the place where you able to tear that mask off of allow yourself to live a life of real emotions and you will find living a life of real emotions will free you from an emotional bondage that has you weighed down physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Please learn from my years of emotional bondage that this is not a healthy way of life. Free yourself starting today and allow yourself to feel your “real” emotions. You will be so relieved when you do.

Your challenge for today is to openly express your real emotions. Take that ugly mask of lies off and allow the true healing begin.

You are beautiful without that ugly mask. Allow your heart to breathe. 

Lastly, remember… You Are…. Enough! 

Do this for “You”!