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Functionality Reigns in The Chaos

Do you have a to do list that is so long you do not know where to begin?

If you do then you are not alone.

I have taken this week, that we didn’t have any doctor appointments, to find order in my chaos and peace in my frustrations.

I found by making my home functional that this brought me peace this week.

I came to a realization in my attempt to find “me” that the biggest waster of my time is chaos.

I found if I can reign in the chaos monster and better use my time on stuff that matters and is important, then I am in better control over my stress.

And let’s face it… (nothing against dads here at all as we all love our husbands (most days), but when mom is stressed, the whole house is usually.)

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to find where our source of stress is and we need to learn how to tame it better.

So in my new found revelation this week, you will begin to see me post more practical every day tips to help us be better stewards of our time while encouraging and motivating each other along the way.

Are you game for this inspiration?

If so, feel free to leave a comment or a symbol below in the comments and together we will learn to tame the chaos in our lives, one step, one chore, and one day at a time.

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Paying It Forward

Journaling Journey

Special Olympics Polar Plunge Fundraiser Opportunity

I am going to reach out to my readers and faithful followers today to see if I can help my sweet daughter raise the money, through this fundraiser, that she needs to attend her cousin’s Special Olympics Polar Plunge on February 2, 2019.

As many of you know, my daughter struggles and suffers from so much chronic pain and illness in her own life, that when she has an opportunity to do something that is not pain related, I try to be as supportive as possible.

I will give a quick back story to why this event is so important to us.

We have a sweet niece who struggles with being handicapped and became involved with her local Special Olympics Team back in her high school years and continues still today. She participates with their many sporting activities and special events as an outlet to become a part of a group that is bigger than herself, and in turn, they grew to love and support her unconditionally.

Special Olympics has truly helped her to become stronger, fearless, and outgoing and continues to be instrumental in my niece’s life today. We try to support her in her activities as often as we are able to.

This year, my daughter has chosen to support the S.O. Polar Plunge to show her cousin, in a special way, how much she loves and supports her. This is an activity that is so much bigger than my daughter, but by doing this, it shows how much this event means to her.

It is my fervent prayer, my daughter will be able to raise the money she needs to in order to be an active participant with her cousin this year.

I am attaching a link to my daughter’s Special Olympics 2019 Polar Plunge Fundraising Page. 

With the above link, you will access her fundraising page and can donate to this worthy cause. I know my daughter, (who did not ask me to do this for her), would appreciate every penny she will raise.

I would love to see our community wrap their arms around both my daughter and my niece to show their support for them both.

I do not ask for money like this, but God is trying to show me in my new journey, that He can not bless me, my story, or reach others through it if I do not start sharing it.

Today, I am choosing to use my birthday as a special day to reach out to help others, by telling this part of our story.

It is my prayer, hope, and desire that God will use this day today to meet my sweet daughter’s need to help and support her cousin by showing her love and support. 

This is an important venture for both my daughter and my niece for different reasons. 

Please, prayerfully consider donating to this worthy cause and be a blessing to my daughter today, by helping her to reach her goal.

As a family, we would be eternally grateful!

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Be Proud of Your Toughest Accomplishments

Encouragement Today

23479DD6-115B-4B38-B85D-B1C468C91251Today’s Encouragement is to inspire you to remember,

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.“  Edmund Hillary

Have you ever had to finish a task that made you worn out, frustrated and purely exhausted?

Have you ever experienced what it is like to cram for a big project at work or study for a big exam in school? You knew there was an important deadline staring at you, but the level of pure exhaustion and frustration was wearing you down? You knew deep down inside, you could not work for one more hour, but that was not an option because the deadline had to be met.

Have you ever ran thru an obstacle course and before you got to the end, your body was so exhausted and worn out, it wanted to shut down and stop, but to quit was not an option. You had a fierce determination to finish the race no matter how long it was.

Lastly, have you ever made a long drive and you were mentally and physically exhausted, but you still had another hour or two before you got there? As you looked at the clock and drove by the mileage signs you knew you could not drive one more hour or one more mile, but stopping was not an option. You had to push forward and stay awake in order to arrive at your final destination.

YOUTRU~1The commonality among all of these scenarios is that no matter how tired, beat down or physically exhausted you were, you did not give in to the temptation to quit. You pushed through the exhaustion and climbed over the mental barrier and persevered to the end. You did not let the mental and physical obstacles get in the way of completing your task. You trusted in your ability and determination to conquer the fears you faced, the mental exhaustion that had you worn out and the physical pain you experienced to pursue your goals to the end.

You are stronger mentally and physically than you ever knew. You are courageous to pursue the obstacle and see it to the end. You are wiser for the battles you fought and won, and you are braver than any obstacle or mountain that tried to stand in your way. You are a fierce warrior who stood strong and tall and conquered what you set out to do.

Way to go, my faithful warrior and friend!!

Stand tall and proud for what you have accomplished.


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Do Not Allow Stress To Consume You, Regain It By Planning

Encouragement Today


Today’s Encouragement is to remind you to let go of the pressures you are carrying and allow yourself to just live with the freedom God intended for us to live.

He never intended for us to be held captive by society’s standards, our busyness, or by our own sense of perfectionism.

Today’s Encouragement is for you to step away from things that harbor stress in your life, thus allowing yourself to have a sense of peace, and not anxiety, about the things you have to do. If there is something stressful you do not have to do, then do not do it today. Put that activity on your planner for tomorrow, this way it gets done, but do not allow it to rob you of your peace today.

Your personal challenge is to look at your planner (if you use one) and look at the week to come. Identify what needs to be done and what can be moved to another day or week, because this will allow you the ability to decompress from the stress you harbor daily.

If you are a busy parent who works all day at a stressful job and you leave work to run your kids to multiple activities nightly, please know it is okay and healthy to tell your children the word no. Your child does not need to run every night of the week from activity to activity. If they wish to live that life, they can do so when they are older and able to run themselves. It is also okay as a parent, to have your children make choices in their activities. Limit them to how many activities they are doing in a season or how many they are attending in a week. Even as adults we need to do this. Life is not about how busy we make ourselves, it is about living life while enjoying it.

Parents, do not get me wrong, I totally believe extra-curricular activities are important for children, but more so for the older ones than the younger ones. The younger ones need more stability and routine in their lives besides constantly running from the time they get up to the time they go to bed.

I believe the little ones need a nightly routine of going home from school or daycare, having supper, doing their homework if they are school age, some play time with their own toys, and a relaxing quiet time routine as well. The quiet time could include a bath, story time, mommy and daddy snuggle time and a routine bedtime. Their bodies need to know what time it is and they only form this through a structured life.

To my single followers who do not have a family or children, it is still important for you to have a structure and routine in your life. This will allow you to regain control over your life and bring the stability and peace back in it as well. If you do not have a planner, consider purchasing one. Your life will become more stable if you better plan your daily activities.

If you are a college student and the pressures of work, classes, and life are getting ahead of you, break out your planner and gain control over it again. Put your work schedule into your planner. Do not fall into the trap of knowing it is something you do every day. You need a visual accountability of your time and by putting your work schedule and all of your extra activities, such as get-togethers, church activities, whatever you have to do, into your planner, you will free your mind of everything you are trying to remember.  Lastly, add your class schedule, homework, and project deadlines to this as well. The ability to visually see everything on your planner will help you to free up stress from your life because you are no longer trying to remember everything your planner will show you.

An important key to successfully de-stressing your life is living a life that is structured, slower, and well planned. Living a life that is unplanned and on the spur of the moment only allows the stress to creep in and run it for you.

My friend, one of my goals I have planned for myself is something I have always wanted to do and that is to create a planner that assists in planning your life. Store bought planners are wonderful and have met my needs for many years, but I find they do not always meet the needs I have. I have always wanted to create pretty, but useful planners for myself as well as others. When I am able to do this, I will be sure to make it available to you as well.

If you have any ideas that you would find useful in a planner, please be sure to leave a comment below and I will incorporate those ideas into my plan as well. My objective is to meet the planning needs of everyone. I have experienced the life of a sick child and how a planner for that would be helpful. I have experienced the needs of a homeschooler and a busy wife and mom. Now I am finding with a sick family a different planner to keep up with them would be helpful. How about you? What do you experience in life and struggle to find planners to meet your needs?

Lastly, remember… Do not allow stress to consume your life, take control over it by better planning.